Hope this question has not been asked before.

1. I am still thrilled with my supermeg-its the best investment I made on my 2011 streetbob-it has increased my enjoyment of the bike no question, the bike is great at walking speeds and goes for the horizon in the upper ranges.

2. I feel like I could do with more acceleration in the lower range (first three gears). Normally I would alter the gearing but on belt drive hogs its not so ezy.

So I'm thinking of a cam upgrade. The bike feels a bit restricted on acceleration in the lower gears, then in 4th/5th it picks up and goes like a bat out of hell and feels like its going to hit 130mph plus.
I was thinking this could be the stock cam?

I must stress though that the super meg and SE super tuner combo have made the bike a real pleasure to ride at all speeds and I don't want to mess that up too much.

I have the fuelling set towards the rich side rather than lean.

12 discs and closed end cap.

Joker machine airfilter.

Supermeg is so good I'm thinking of getting a tattoo!!!