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Thread: Mounting Bracket part number

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    Sean Guest

    Default Mounting Bracket part number

    Hi I have a a 2:1 Kerker chrome pipe that I brought off a mate.

    The part number on the pipe is 027 7491 and on the mounting bracket 029 7493, the bike it was on was a Softail although I'm not sure what model as it's a custom import to Australia from the US.

    My bike is a FXSTD/I 06 Deuce, the part I need is the mounting bracket does anyone know what the part number I need to get is as I can't seem to find it.

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    bschultz Guest


    The part numbers referenced belong to a system we produced for a Thunder Mountain Custom 300 wide tire application.
    We do NOT offer a bracket that will mount this system to an '06 Dyna.

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    Sean Guest


    Thanks Brian, Sounds right as his is a custom no worries I can fabricate something up and get it chromed it would have been easier if I could have just brought an over the counter ready made bracket.

    Also the bikes a Softail not a Dyna, no worries though off to the workshop

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    bschultz Guest


    My bad on the Dyna...
    Keep in mind this pipe is kicked out farther to accomodate the wide tire and may look a little odd on a narrower tire bike.

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