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    So I am new here although I am a long time rider. I have an 08 Ultra with SE255 cams, SE A/F, PC III tuner, and Fuelmoto jackpot slip ons with the quieter baffle in the right side muffler. My bike runs great and the fuel mileage is good as well with it running 40-42 mpg.

    I have a riding bud that has the same setup except he has a dyno tuned SERT on his and the Supertrapp 2:1. He does out weigh me by over 100 lbs as well. We have done several side by side roll ons and I pull him easily ever time. I think he has better throttle response than I do off idle, but I am pulling harder in the mid to upper rpm than he is.

    I said all that to say this, I like the looks and the sound of his Supertrapps and my exhaust is getting pretty scratched up with all the miles I ride. I have been thinking about switching to the 2:1 S/T because of the sound and it would make changing the back tire easier. I go through a lot of back tires...LOL. What can I expect in performance with a switch from the free flowing Jackpot slip ons to a 2:1 Supertrapp. Gain? Loss?

    Sorry for the long winded post and I appreciate any advice I can get here.

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    The 2:1 SuperMeg should provide another 5-10% across power curve with the proper tune. Jamie at Fuel Moto is an excellent source for tuning.

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