Hi from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I might be one of the firsts who tried Supertrapp 2-1 on Sportster in Indonesia, so there aren't many people to discuss with here.

My Sportster only runs 800km at the moment, and I've told that it's not recommended to go to dyno and get it properly tuned before 1600km (after 1st service). So I have to wait.

I installed Supertrapp 2-1 with 16 discs and closed cap 2 weeks ago, it was nice. I think the engine was a bit hot though (whitish spark plug color). I then tried 6 discs with open end cap, the torque wasn't as nice, and it was popping during deceleration. I tried 4 discs with open end cap, the popping was still there, but not too much anymore. The engine felt a bit hotter, and the spark plug was even whiter. I was confused.

I now try 2 discs with open end cap, and the engine is even hotter (I thought it should be cooler, richer). Haven't checked the spark plug again.

I know that I have to get it dynoed once I can, to get the engine properly tuned. I've also told that I should get the sound right first, before the dyno. That's why I chose the open end cap.

1.Is the performance with open end cap actually better than close cap, as I assume?
2.What to do at the moment? How many discs to put?

Thanks so much. Regards from hot tropical country!