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Thread: Kerker 2:1 Supermeg System 128-71752 questions

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    Default Kerker 2:1 Supermeg System 128-71752 questions

    Hi, on my 2011 FLSTF I installed a Kerker 2:1 SuperMeg System 128-71572. Since I read in the forum that is possible to swap the muffler of that exhaust with that of Supertrapp 2:1 SuperMeg (828-71572) I am wondering if it is possible to install or to adapt Supertrapp baffle/core with discs in my Kerker? I got a disease at right ear and I must reduce the sound especially during my long raid. If not possible could you please give me the part number of the replacement muffler of Supertrapp because here in Rome, Italy where I live nobody knows it. Thank you.

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    bschultz Guest


    Muffler body design and dimensions are different between the SuperTrapp and Kerker making the core assemblies incompatible.

    The SuperTrapp muffler assembly would be made up of three components;
    027-7492...muffler body (megaphone)
    100-7093...core assembly (w/packing)
    + discs,end-cap & screws

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    romanstar Guest


    Thanks a lot!

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