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Thread: part numbers?

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    DutchRumbler Guest

    Default part numbers?


    first off let me introduce myself I am DR from the Netherlands and 45yr old male riding a HD FXDX 2001, and I have a question regarding following part numbers:

    050-7348(I think it's the header pipes for a dyna up to '05?)
    027-1840(don't know it's a muffler/collector but for which bike?)

    Hope someone can help me out.


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    bschultz Guest


    The haedpipe and muffler body referenced were part of a Stainless Sreel 2:1 system for the '86-95 FLS/FXS. The system is still in production; however the muffler body part number has been updated and P/N changed.

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    DutchRumbler Guest


    Hi and thnx for your answer, but am I right that the headpipe would fit a dyna?

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    bschultz Guest


    The headpipe will bolt up to the ports; however there are mounting differences (bracket) between the Softal and Dyna models.

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