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Thread: Supermeg, 20 disk or more?

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    JimB1 Guest

    Default Supermeg, 20 disk or more?

    I got my 2007 Street Bob back a couple of weeks ago with the new Supermeg and a 103" SE upgrade and I've had a chance to put a few miles on it. I'm really happy with the result. Not much volume difference then stock but it is a nice deep, growl instead of the higher pitched 2 into 2 sound. I'm running 20 disks with a closed cap.

    I am confused about one thing though. I've read a few places that 20 disks makes max flow with the supermeg but other places I've read people using up to 28 disks

    So what's the deal? If max flow is at 20 what are these guys getting with using more then 20? Is it just to gain volume or are you actually increasing flow more by adding more disks even up to 28?

    Initially I was a little disappointed at the numbers on the dyno chart (80HP, 92ft/lbs) but after riding it a little bit I find the extra power is all in a usable rpm range (nice, flat torque curve comes on early and signs off late with good power throughout and no dips) so I think I'm good with it as is. I'm just trying to determine if I should bother buying another pack of disks and longer bolts and experimenting or if I should just leave it alone and ride (probably the best move)

    Let me know what you think.

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    bschultz Guest


    24-26 discs on the SuperMeg would be flowing the core (max flow), or would be like running NO discs at all.
    More discs may provide more top end HP; however at the sacrifice of low end torque.

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