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Thread: Cant find part# and questions

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    Default Cant find part# and questions

    Hi All, the PO of my 1971 Fiat 124 Spider had a Supertrapp installed on there. He got it used from his exhaust guy. It is welded on and I cant find a part# on the body. I guess its possible that it is flipped so the number is on the "top" so maybe Ill check with a mirror. The ONLY product it resembles however on the current website is the "Dirt Bike" muffler. The body is black and the cap, which has the acorn nut holding it on, appears to be stainless. It currently has all the rings on there and is quite loud. Couple of questions, assuming this is the dirt bike one is it OK to run on a 4 cylinder DOHC and if I cant find a part # how can I order a new core?

    It looks like the ones used on the silver VW on this website:

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    The mufflers appear to be SuperTrapp Universal 3M DirtBike mufflers.
    We wouldn't reccomend these units for an Automotive application; however that doesn't mean they wouldn't work.
    The 4 stroke core kit for the 3M units is;
    P/N 310-0400

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    Is it in any way detrimental to the car and/or performance?


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    Those are just very small mufflers, inteneded for small displacement engines below 350cc typcially.
    We would suggest using something like; SC Elite or similar, maybe the 4" Aluminum Race Series?

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