Maybe wrong place, if so, feel free too move.

I have a xt600 -88 with a Supertrapp, I believe its an "EAR" model. Since the singin is quite loud the inspection-guy started to whine.

I read a thread about removing a couple of plates would redudce the wonderful song of my bike so I thougt Id give it a try...

Three hours later I have a 6 broken hex-screws. No nuts since they seem to have fallen down into the muffler and the pipe going into the muffler stuck like a rock, althoug very violated. Its now drowned in 5-56 (lubricant) because I need a beer but Im going at it again tomorrow.


Is it possible to repair this? Is there a repair kit? What I need is the six hex bolts and the thing with the nuts attached to it.

I also need an instruction on how to replace the "ring/disk" with the nuts?

Im thinking I can bang out the "intestines" if I can manage to remove the pipe going into the muffler... Is this correct?

Why do we have these damn inspections!?!?!