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Thread: Unknown Muffler

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    Passing gas Guest

    Default Unknown Muffler

    I came across an old Supertrapp muffler and I can't find any information about it,
    I am trying to figure if it can work on my XR650L,
    The PN is 4MCR-4600,

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    bschultz Guest


    P/N 4MCR-4600 & 813-4600 were slip-on applications (4" Aluminum Racing Series) developed for the '83-86 Yamaha TT600, which was dicontinued in '02.

    The muffler, depending on the bracket location compatability, may work on the XR600; however the chances of the conector pipe (s-bend) working are slim.

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    Passing gas Guest

    Default Got it..

    Thanks bschultz.

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