Hi there

I recently bought a second-hand (5000 miles) an 09 FLHTCU. The previous owner had V & H Monster Ovals fitted to the stock headers. hi-flow air filter and I also have the SEPT.

When I took the bike for a test run, I rode it for about 25 miles and then bought the bike.

Since then I've taken the bike for much longer runs 2 - 500 miles and now am not liking the Monster Ovals. Like the look of them and the sound at idle and just above, but what is bothering me is: at legal cruising speeds in Australia on most highways (60 mph) the ovals give off a low frequency drone which is killing my ears. I ride with a full open face helmet and always have. The last run about 900 miles I had "noise" in my ears for at least a day after I got back.
Some people love them, but I'm sure they don't suit me.

I've been researching (till my eyes looked like monitors) and found the Stout 4" slip-ons off posts in the HDForums of which I am a member, which look great, sound pretty good from what I can make out on all the YouTube videos and I don't mind if they're a bit louder than the MO's but what I really need to know is there any drone from them at any speed.

It's hard for me to decide because I don't know anyone with them fitted to go for a ride with and try out. Most of my mates have V&H pipes fitted (Hi-Output and Twin Slash Ovals). Your advice?