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Thread: Super Trapp Night Stick Dual Slip ons

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    richard s Guest

    Default Super Trapp Night Stick Dual Slip ons

    Hello, I wonder if somebody can share a thought. I have looked on the internet but had no joy.

    I have just bought a 2007 6 speed Harley Davidson 98 Cubic inch, fuel injected Road King Custom here in Thailand. with 4k km on it.

    It has the S&S air box & Filter fitted.

    The shop changed The standard pipes (which sounded awful..quieter than my lawnmower) to ...

    4" "Screaming Eagle" HD "Night Stick" dual slip ons. (with Super Trapp plates) which he had taken off another HD Touring

    I rode back from Bangkok 600km & The motor ran great with no popping & smooth power.. The headers are standard as is the ECU with no fuel pack fitted. Apparently these pipes bolt straight on to the standard with no mods.

    It states in the adverts that these "Night Stick" Screaming Eagle slip ons pipes are for the 2010 up Road King model & street legal in 50 States.

    Are they ok to use on my 2007 bike do you know? (I think the 2010 has a catalyst fitted in the headers)

    Can I make them any louder at all by removing or adding more plates? (There is no sound restrictions in Thailand on HD's)

    If I do add or remove plates will this upset the engine?

    I have also noticed one of the allen key head bolts that hold the plates in has a raised steel pin in it to stop removal without a special tool)

    They are a bit drag type/raspy sounding & I would like a deeper HD thunder tone if possible.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You.

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    bschultz Guest


    Take a look at the FAQ's at the website and while you are there look at the "Tuner Kit" for the NightStick, under Accessories / HD kits & Cores.
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