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Thread: IDSX for 2006 Honda 500 Foreman?

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    Twisted1 Guest

    Default IDSX for 2006 Honda 500 Foreman?

    The supertrapp application guide list part # 835-3500 for foreman/rubicon 2001-2008. I have a two part question. Does this part # fit a foreman 500 and a rubicon 500? Also, I have read that there is a difference between the pipe size of the 2006 foreman and rubicon versus the 2005 foreman and rubicon. I read that because of the size difference that they are not interchangeable (2005 to 2006). Is this true and does supertrapp offer two different exhausts for the 2005 and 2006 foremans?

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    bschultz Guest


    Fitments were verified through Honda parts cross reference. Our records indicate the same dia. headpipe.

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