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Thread: SuperTrapp slip on's for 2007 FXDL

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    bschultz Can I use threaded 8/32 stainless steel rod as the 2 inch long 8/32 screws seem a little short when it comes to using 24 discs? I now have 22 and the ingagement is about a 1/4 inch or so. There is only like 1/8 of an inch to ingage into the threads in the baffle if I use the 24 and I would like the full thread which is close to a 1/4 inch it looks to be in the baffles. Where I get the 2 inch screws that is the longest they can get with out ordering a min., of 100 at a time. bschultz what do you think and thanks for your time? All ride safe now eh.
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