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Thread: HD Fatshotz

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    kgchris Guest

    Default HD Fatshotz

    With the open end cap, how many disks does it take to flow the core on these?

    On a stock 2012 ultra should the ECU be able to compensate if ran with no disks, no end cap and just the trim ring?

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    bschultz Guest



    As long as the O2 sensors are working properly the ECU should accomodate the extra flow.

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    kgchris Guest


    So, if i understand correctly, since they come with 10 disks they are already flowing at max and so If I just run with the trim ring only and no disks or endcap then it would still be flowing the same? If that is all correct then, which ever way I like the sound better shouldn't have any effect on flow(hence performance and ecu), right?

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    bschultz Guest


    In a general sense that is correct.

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