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Thread: Can you identify these?

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    Nickelboy Guest

    Default Can you identify these?

    Can you identify these? One of the shields says SuperTrapp. The numbers I see are 027-2155 & 050 7147

    I got them off Ebay for a 2002 Sportster but the mounting doesn't seem right. The 2 mounts on the muffler part doesn't seem right for a Sportster. I don't want to tear down until I know if it will fit.

    They definitely don't fit a Sportster!! The front pipe hits the cam cover/oil filter area. I'd still like to know if anyone does what they may fit so I can resell them. I doubt I'll get my money back from the seller. $200 if anyone is interested. They are unused.

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    The headpipe is from a "custom" WIDE tire application; however the muffler body was used in the OEM system for the '01-03 Indian Chief.

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