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Thread: 2006 vrod starting point

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    cbrownvrscd Guest

    Default 2006 vrod starting point

    I have a 2006 vrscd night rod special with 1500 miles on it and I just bought a 2:1 (used) system for the bike I'm not sure if it's a 4" or 5" system until i get it.. Icurrently have k&n filter and power command 3 on it as of now with just duel turn outs (no mufflers)off stock pipes.

    Once i get the system installed I will be taking it to get custom mapped and dyno'd.

    I'm looking for that exhaust low bass tone with decent midrange and no back popping as i slow down.

    Can you please give me a starting point with disks and if you recommend closed or open end cap for what i'm looking for.

    Thank you for any help.

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    bschultz Guest


    During development of the 2:1 V-5 system, the V-Rod performed best with 8-10 discs in stock form.
    Before pulling your stock system off I would suggest comparing headpipe photos (OEM).
    The V-5 system was designed for the '02-06 VRSCA/SE models and will NOT work with the stock VRSCD headpipe. The headpipe on the VRSCD/X use a different headpipe which we offer FatShots and Kerker slip-ons for.
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    cbrownvrscd Guest


    The system i'm getting is the complete exhaust system including the header pipes back into 1 and I'll be sure to compare them. The seller said it came off a 06 vrscd so I guess we'll see when I get it.

    So with the add ons do you think I should still start with 8-10 disks and a closed or open end cap for performance and the low tone? Thanks again
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    bschultz Guest


    Looks like we need to wait and see what you get, because the stock OEM headpipe for the '06 VRSCD is of the type that accepts the slip-ons NOT the V-5 2:1.

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    cbrownvrscd Guest


    ok, I got my used system and the 2:1 mid pipe slid right onto my stock header pipes the only mod I needed to make was to the muffler mounting bracket. I have started with 8-5" discs but I have one hopefully last I stated before there were no disks so I ordered them but there was a 1" looks to be a spacer (???) i didnt see a spacer listed in the parts and the video didnt show one either. I'm guessing the spacer goes in first againg the muffler, then the disks, and then end cap? Thanks for any help.

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    bschultz Guest


    We do NOT have spacers with our disc assemblies. Are you referencing the cosmetic "Trapp Cap" (1" thick polished billet aluminum) that comes with the V-5 system?

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    cbrownvrscd Guest


    Ok so we'll go with that. If its a end cap then I'm guessing that theres no solid cap that goes on the end of the V-5 system. So then the discs go against system first and then that decrative cap goes on the end as an open end cap? Is the V-5 system designed to be used with or without an end cap for best performance? Thanks again for all your help.

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    bschultz Guest


    The V-5 system leaves the factory with a disc assembly comprised of 12 discs, a closed (stainless steel) end-cap, a (billet aluminum "slotted wheel" TrappCap) decorative end cap, 6 attaching screws and a packet of hi-temp lube...w/attachment meant to be in this order.
    Some customers looking for more sound will leave the "closed" end-cap off.

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    cbrownvrscd Guest


    Thank you very much...that's exactly what I needed to know.

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    cbrownvrscd Guest

    Default continued question

    We've messed around with the number of discs in the set up and with a closed end cap and also with the open end cap. Started with 8 discs with closed end cap and then went to 10 discs with open end cap.

    After messing around with the above we've switched our thoughts and want more low end to mid range torque and the deep sound from an open end cap.

    The question came up that we didnt see on here yet. With an open end cap, how much do the discs effect the tuning performance with the open end cap? Does the use of an open end cap equate to a certain number of discs used or not used or does it just change the sound level.
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