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    Hiram Guest

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    I didn't want to hijack the other guys thread so here's my question.

    I have a set of Supertrapp 027-7853 mufflers that I believe are about 10 yrs old. They have a 20 3/4" baffle tube that is 1 3/4" OD. There were 18 discs on the end of each. When I pulled the baffles out, one side was missing about 2/3 of the fiberglass packing, the other side had large gaps in the packing. The holes in both tubes were about 50% plugged with soot. The tubes are in good condition after sandblasting, no tears or soft spots. Can I repack the fiberglass? If so, what do you recommend? Is there a service bulletin for this?

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    bschultz Guest


    Sounds like you have good cores. Any good quality fiberglass muffler packing will work. Most motorcycle shops/dealers carry packing material and should be able to assist you.
    The packing normally comes in sheets and is simply wrapped around the core (think toilet paper roll). Not to tight, not to loose and enough to fill the area between the core and muffler body. Secure the packing with a couple wraps of paper (masking) tape at the ends to hold the packing in place during assembly.
    Our re-pack kits are P/N 400-4020, you would need 2 per muffler.

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