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Thread: Popping/backfiring in the mile high city

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    Rodmielo Guest

    Question Popping/backfiring in the mile high city

    2005 VMax with the Stainless Steel Supertrapps with 8 discs installed yesterday.
    Initial sound was great on rev up and down at standstill. On the road today for my first cruise with the pipes I have popping and slight backfiring upon decell.

    I bought the bike in Kansas and rode it to Denver 2 years ago, changed plugs and air filter, etc, and it's been running like a charm with the OEM pipes. So, any thoughts? Do I need to have the carbs adjusted for this altitude to get rid of the popping with these pipes?

    I'll do the usual plug examination, but if someone has had this experience at this altitude and has suggestions let me know.


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    bschultz Guest


    Before you get into the carbs try removing 2-3 discs per side.

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    Rodmielo Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by bschultz View Post
    Before you get into the carbs try removing 2-3 discs per side.
    Ok, I can do that. I went around tightening the discs a little tighter and will see if that helps also. My understanding is that the discs provide a low pressure area to pull the exhaust from the engine. Removing the 2-3 less discs will create less of that vacuum pull, so that would mean a richer running state, correct? Which is probably what I need in higher altitude than Kansas where the bike came from.

    Worth a try and another hour of putzing.


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    bschultz Guest


    Yes, removing discs should create a richer running condition.
    Careful on the screws...they should only be tightened to 15-20 INCH pounds.

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