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Thread: Supermeg 2:1 High Idle

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    Default Supermeg 2:1 High Idle

    I have installed a Supermeg on my 01 Heritage. Previoulsly had Stage 1 with SE air cleaner and Double Barrel 16 Ga pipes.

    My Supermeg is quiter and runs great with no popping on decel. However its seems like Idle speed is higher than it was with previous setup and milage is lower. Any ideas??

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    Wish someone would answer your question....I have had the exact same experiance.....

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    bschultz Guest


    The 2:1 is most likely more restrictive than your previous pipes giving you a richer running condition (no decel popping/drop in mileage).
    If your machine is carbureted, it may be remedied with a simple idle screw adjustment. On a FI machine adjustment is made via the ECM and a qualified technician should be contacted.

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