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    Smile New muffler

    I recently bought a ragged out '91 Vmax. It had an exhaust system on it, with no muffler, it took me a while to figure out it was a Kerker system, i.e., no center stand and a 2.5 inch pipe, etc. The pics I see of the system for sale on the internet look like what I have, AND they have a relly nice aluminum muffler that appears to slip over the pipe exiting from under the bike, I think that must be the 'S' pipe. It had a p/n on it, 5347-RC, 32007. Please tell me that's the muffler I need, that it will fit over the 2.5 inch 0.D. of the "S' pipe. Lots of info on the internet about the system, but not about the specific muffler. It could be one of the slip ons, but I don't know that.

    I have another Max, and riding these things makes all this aggravation worth it.


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    P/N 5247-rc is the s-bend (connector pipe) from the Kerker K-Series 4:1 system for the '85-07 Yamaha V-Max. The K-Seres can for this unit is P/N 6292, complete with 1.5" standard baffle, packing, end-cap and Kerker badge.

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