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Thread: difference between a '86 FXRS and a '93

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    quantumcat Guest

    Default difference between a '86 FXRS and a '93

    hi, I found a set of 2:2 supertrapp megaphone series for sale for an '84-'86 FXRS, that is the sales pitch. No product nr. given.

    Would these fit my 1993 FXRS(SP)?

    When I use the supertrap product finder, the search returns the same supertrapp productnumbers when entering model year (for your Harley) 1986 as when you enter model year 1993.

    Unfortunately, I'n neither a HD-guru, nor a Supertrapp-guru,

    can anyone shrd some light?

    pn = 4MSS-71340, can someone still shed some light?
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    bschultz Guest


    Our current units, P/N 828-71335, fit '84-94 FXR's. The units in question were should work through to '94.

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    quantumcat Guest


    So the 4MSS-71340 unit should work? (just making sure you're talking about the same unit :-) -the only thing I'm concerned about if it fits the exhaust opening on the cilinders of the '93)
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    bschultz Guest


    The head ports shouldn't be an issue...if there were an issue it would be with support mounting/brackets.

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    quantumcat Guest


    Good to hear :-)

    Received the pipes today.

    Is there any detailed manual available on how to mount this thing?
    The I had hoped the manual had more (assembly) pictures.

    I haven't got the stock exhaust to begin with, so following the (ultra) short 'manual' is confusing (plus I'm not a 100% familiar with the english mechanical terms).
    I really feel like a noob here. Though I'm not unfamliliar with biks, my HD & Supertrapp knowledge is seriously lacking.

    It looks like the support mountings on the pipes coming from the header converge around the clutch-cover (as if I should secure these by running my clutch cable through?)

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    bschultz Guest


    Contact our Customer Service Department via phone or email and we will provide you the instructions we have on hand.

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    quantumcat Guest


    will do, thanks!

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