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Thread: Nightrod Special -08 and FATSHOTS 2:2

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    rodderlife Guest


    Hello, i'm an italian vrodder and i'd like to buy this exhaust, but for my not good english i've some question about the disks. I take the advantage of this topic to see if i understand something.So my questions:

    1)for stock bike you recommend (without aif ilter and powercommander,like dynojet) 8/10 disk

    2)with 10 disk and an opened end cap i've to change the stock air filter and power commander?Can i've an opened cap,with the right number of disks(how many) without change initialy stock pc and filter?

    3)i've saw that more disk involve more sound and more peak perfomance.So in the future if i would increase disks i've to buy and tune PC and air filter.Any suggestion for the optimal number for disks and opened cap?

    Because i'm looking for a louder exhaust (but not too much expensive ).Thank you for your attention and sorry for my english

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    cmashark Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by bschultz View Post
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    What fuel device did you use in the 8 disk run? What about the 12 disk run?

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    bschultz Guest


    No fuel management device was used during the Dyno runs.

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