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    toamoayfhryr Guest

    Default Supermeg

    Does supertrapp make dumbing left side muffler when useing supermeg 2-1 like some others do.

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    bschultz Guest


    Nothing in production at the moment; however a "new" product with similar construction/description may be available in the near future.
    You may want to sign up for our newsletter for updates.

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    toamoayfhryr Guest

    Default newsletter

    How & were do I sign up for newsletter.
    thanks steve

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    bschultz Guest


    At the website;
    (click on newsletter)

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    toamoayfhryr Guest

    Default Imposter pipe

    I have the 2-1 supermeg getting ready to install on my 08 flhtcu, And I see you have dumby left side pipe.
    I have called supertrapp & was hesitant to order pipe cause customer service
    didnt know much about it.
    Just wondering how good of a fit it is to rear cycilnder pipe.
    Some of the dumby pipes dont look like they are the real thing.
    If it is, a good imposter I would like to order it.
    And if I dont care for it, would I be able to return it.
    I assume it is inproduction?
    Thanks Steve

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    bschultz Guest


    Brand "NEW" product! Keep an eye on the website, pictures will be posted soon.

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    toamoayfhryr Guest

    Default imposter pipe

    I have ordered imposter pipe about a month ago, have not heard anything on it. Does anyone know if you are making it yet.
    If not does anyone know when. thanks steve

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    bschultz Guest


    We are in the process of our first production runs, units should be shipping soon.

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