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    kiwidave Guest

    Default injection unit

    hi i have a harley roadking 09 1580 fitted with a supermeg 2 into 1 goes great but want to fit a high flow air filter,and a digital injection unit does supertrapp make one yet thankyou

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    bschultz Guest


    Thanks for your interest, however our SuperPak High Performance kits were developed for the pre-"closed-loop" ('06 & earlier) Harley Davidson's.
    Todays market place offers many intake and fuel management options for the late model Touring bikes.
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    aluu4438j Guest

    Default injection unit

    after much searching I went for the mocos own SEST; this replaces the SERT unit.
    Its worked for me. It can be more expensive but I have heard of other options going bad, the SEST is not fitted to the bike-its an interface and so get plugged in and unplugged-its not subject to heat /vibration by being attached to the bike.Plus you can plug it in and get 15 mins of datalogging-yeah -others do that too but most are not as neat a system as the SEST.
    All dealers should have the software if you are on the road.
    I now have supermeg 2-1,JOKER 4"" air cleaner and SEST and my bike is an animal but also a pussy cat when I'm in the mood for chillin out.
    Ya get wot ya pay for- SESTS are designed for hogs, Supertrapp is seen on most if not all hog race bikes-that does it for me.
    Good luck and hope you achieve your aims.

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