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    Got my dealer to fit my 2-1 Supermegs last week. First glitch was they left all 20 discs on and I am running stock air cleaner.No point in doing recalibration until the air filter arrives they said.
    Got home, checked plugs -lean of course. Dropped to 12, did a ride, still lean and white stuff.
    Dropped to six in a parking lot (how cool is that-tuning your zorst on the go?).
    Rode to dealers, plugs now have no white but still looking lean.
    Insisted they remap, now its feeling good, plugs are looking healthier.
    Airfilter (joker 4") is about to be fitted next week.
    Bike is now a tad faster, picks up cleaner on acceleration, six discs I still have some engine braking (which I fancied I lost with more discs?), has better sound and has lost some weight and I can get to the rear brake master cylinder (hooray).
    I reckon the stock gearing is too high for my riding but thats a real hassle to change, its actually cheaper to fit a gruntier cam I reckon.
    Whatever, I'm really chuffed (that means I'm very pleased to you colonials) with my supertrapp.
    I studied and perused most of the zorst sytems out there before deciding on the supertrapp-its the thinking mans exhaust choice I reckon.

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    Appreciate it!

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