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    This is my first time posting anything anywhere. I am extremely disappointed in Jaybrake Customer Support. I needed to get a master cylinder rebuild kit and I did not know what the bore was. I contacted customer service and received an e-mail reply from Bruce Schultz. I ordered the rebuild kit per Bruce's instructions. I waited 10 days for the part. The part is the wrong size. The way to identify the size of the bore that Bruce gave me was incorrect. When I notified Bruce that the part was wrong and the way he described for me to id the correct bore, his reply was "Sorry for the misinformation, our current models are stamped inside". Now I have to eat $25.00 for the part that is not correct, it is a special order, non-returnable. I know have hopefully the correct kit ordered, wait another 10 days and $25.00. See if I order or recommend another Jaybrake product!

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    Again, I apologize for the misinformation. If you would have contacted and advised us of the issue prior to reorder we would have sent you the correct kit.

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    Default What Customer Service?!?!?!?!

    Okay, here it goes

    Back in mid May I tried to order a complete Jay Brake system for a customer. The parts I got from Drag came in overnight unfortunately Drag doesn't offer any two things that match i was able to get the front master cylinder new image in black but not the hydraulic control. I was able to get the front brake six piston caliper but not the back caliper or the bracket. i was able to get the new three button switch housings which are bulky and don't mate up with any of their other components. unlike the old style which are sleek and streamlined. Now I came directly to Jay brake in search of the missing items. I ordered their hydraulic new image clutch master cylinder in black which they offer in 9/16" bore limiting you to use only their side cover. and i ordered the rear caliper and bracket. The customer I am dealing with is really particular so everything had to be just as she wanted it. so surely going directly to the company that makes the parts would be the best solution to getting the right components.

    I WAS WRONG!!!!

    so the caliper and the bracket came in. The bracket was right but the caliper was wrong. being under a deadline for this customer, the disappointment was great when the bike wasn't finished for the rally. Well, the customer threw a fit and we were stuck with the wrong parts. we sent them back to jaybrake for a refund which we are still waiting for. Well the customer cools off and we agree to finish the job assuring her that the fault was not ours but Jay Brakes. so we re order the caliper and bracket. the bike is brought in to be finished and lo and behold, the caliper is right this time but the bracket is wrong. You would figure that if you tell someone who works for the company that you need a part to work on a certain bike which is a 2002 fxst not some crazy custom or a 1970's rat bike. that after 2 tries they could get it right. I got more in shipping the wrong parts back than I'm making on the mark up. so I'm requesting a call tag to send the wrong bracket back. so I don't have to pay shipping. I'll Let y'all know if they make this right.

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    Contact our Customer Service Department, with the appropriate info, for an RMA#.

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