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Thread: Supermeg closed end cap question

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    Default SuperTrapp Supermeg Torque and HP question

    I just had a SuperTrapp Supermeg exhaust installed on my 2007 FXDB at the same time as the Harley SE SE Stage II 103" big bore kit with the SE 255 cam and Harley EFI super Tuner. They have all 20 disks and the closed cover on.

    It was dyno tuned according to the folks at the dealer however the numbers they have on the dyno chart are less then 80 HP and 92 ft-lbs of torque. Harley has the stage II kit listed by itself making 80 HP and 95 ft-lbs of torque.

    Does this dyno tune sound right? I have never had a dyno tune before and want to make sure these number match what would be expected. I will say that the torque curve is strong with no real dips from 2000 RPM and doesn't go below 80 ft-lbs until over 5000 rpm with the meaty part of the curve between 2500 and 3500 which means this is going to pull like a truck!

    Unfortunately I am not going to get to ride it until the spring because of knee surgery. I am going to let them just store it for me over the winter so I'm not going to be able to get a sense for what the dyno actually means in real riding time for a while...

    Thanks for any help...
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    Normally we would expect to see a little better numbers out of your combination; however the number of discs used, tuner, dyno & operator, amongst other variables can produce a wide range of numbers.

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    I am not an expert.

    I am a rider with supertrapps on a few of my bikes.

    the beauty, or fun, of the supertrapp is that it allows the rider to adjust tuning and feel the difference.

    I'd suggest that the supertrapp gurus tend to suggest fewer discs than many riders find is the best combo--- what do they know-- physics, flow, and smart calculations.

    when the knee is together, ride for awhile to get a feel for how the bike ( with it's weight and gearing) reacts to your typical riding style, your streets, roads curves and grades that you ride all the time.

    try adding 3 discs at a time to your stack and see if you feel a positive change-- you may find that 20, 23, 26 or 17 is the best number.

    use ant seize paste on the threads to make swaps easier.

    FYI the "open end cap" equals about 10 discs in a stack... most who use an open end cap are looking for noise not flow.

    My 80" HiPo FXR runs a supermeg with 24 discs

    80" FLHTC runs stock headers supermeg slip ons, about 20 discs total

    96" FLHTC run stock headers, supermeg slip ons, about 24 discs total


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