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Thread: xr series 2:2 high pipe

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    brenton Guest

    Default xr series 2:2 high pipe

    I have just purchased 2:2 high pipes to fit on xl883n. I am haveing a 1200 kit fitted as soon as it arrives(new bike). A dino tune will happen at the first service. What would be the approximate amount of disks to start with in the run in period prior to the dino tune.
    I have allso noticed in the gallery photo heading Donald Saberniak-2003 H D XL883 his exhaust is the same as mine but has two heat shields at the point above the foot peg. Are these available to purchase or were they fabricated by owner. Thanks Brenton

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    bschultz Guest


    7-9 discs should keep you out of a lean condition during break-in. The heatshields in question were either fabricated or another manufacturers product.

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    brenton Guest


    Thanks i ran the new bike in with 9 discs. The adelaide south australia harley dealer performed the first service and ran the bike on the dyno. when i picked the bike up the exhaust had all 20 discs per pipe and the service manager has orderd open end caps to add to the 20 discs. He says that the bike is still not delivering the power it should for a 883 with the factory 1200 kit added. I thik the exhaust is great and i allways wanted a sportster with 2in to 2 thinking that i could get a good power result without to much noise. Is adding open end caps to the discs a good move or perhaps the mecanic doing the tuning may not understand the supertrapp product. Thanks.

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    bschultz Guest


    The open end cap with the 12 discs for each muffler sounds excessive; however a good mechanic, familiar with the disc assembly and proficient on the dyno, can dial in your combination for maximum performance.
    A good mechanic is like any other professional...good info mixed with good training and good usable experience equals good results.
    Don't be afraid to ask questions, this is your baby, most real professionals are more than happy to share their thoughts/ideas and reasoning.

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