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    I have an'06 Softail..mild build..SE204, Flattop pistons,stock heads..My staggered V&H are too loud .I'm switching to Supertrapp 2:1.....How many disks to start,, bike was Dynoed [Harley Dealer] with the V&H..will the new pipes require another Dyno?..Thanks

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    the 2:1 is likely to give you more torque, so enhanced power below 3000 rpm

    the more discs you add, the louder the pipe, also more flow which can enhance horsepower.

    often swapping just a few discs can give you noticable results on your Butt Dyno- moving power enhancement up or down in the rpm band.

    I would suggest starting with 20 discs and a closed end cap--- ride it a bit, get a feel for the difference from what it was....then take away 5 discs, see what the change is, then go to 25 and see how that is for you.

    ( if you ever decide to try an open end cap, they are equivalent to about 10 discs for flow- and will be alot louder.

    I run my 96" stock header bagger at 24 discs between the 2 sides, my hipo Evo FXR is 20 discs.

    you may find as many as 30 discs will work for you, which is probably as much as the header and baffle can flow (or 20 and open end cap)

    the fun of a supertrapp is tuning it, I doubt you would need a dyno, or find a tech who is willing to change discs to find the right flow for you

    mike ( not an expert)

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    16-18 discs would be a good starting point with your build.

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