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Thread: floor boards hit shields

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    Default floor boards hit shields

    Just installed Supermeg system on my 2010 Street Glide. All went well up until the reinstall of the front and rear floor board on the right side. The rear passenger board has to be installed one hole higher then it was and the front board will not go on without hitting the heat shield of the front pipe ..note that the front board and mounting is stock and the rear is a Harley part. I have checked all instructions and the "P" clamp is installed in the right place.. I started by tightening the head flanges then the "P" clamp.

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    During the fitment process, R&D had a 1/8"-3/16" clearance at the front floor boards. We have had two similar issues on 2010 models which the customers resolved themselves, before contacting us, with 1/4"-1/2" spacers. Since the issue is not more prevalent we think there could be a possible HD production variance during that model year.
    Contact our Customer Service Department for further assistance.

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