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Thread: 2009 Roadglide with Supermeg 2:1, S and S 106 kit,

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    Default 2009 Roadglide with Supermeg 2:1, S and S 106 kit,

    I have recently upgraded my scooter to 106, with 10.5:1 CR, heads ported, larger valves, Tmax autotune, Woods TW 555 cams. I currently have 14 discs closed end cap, sound is close to what I like (noise bylaws), roll on is strong from 2200, fuel economy is excellent. In general, I am very pleased.

    However, I was hoping for a little more punch in the 4,000 +rpm, am I restricting the flow too much with 14 discs?

    Can you suggest a different disc configuration?

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    Yes, you need to add a couple discs-2 or 3 and you will see a big improvelment.

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    as a non-expert, I'd suggest you add discs a few at a time until you feel a drop in power at the lower ranges.

    at that point IF you have seen increases in the top end power ( very likely)- then subtract a couple of discs to find a nice balance between low end and top end.

    ( use anti seize on the threads, and use a hand tool to reduce chances of cross-threading)

    From the base line number which works for my bagger in town and when riding the canyons, I add a few discs when leaving for an interstate trip-

    I find the moderators a little conservative on disc counts- ( but they do have math on their side- I only have ass-dyno

    on my 3 bikes with supertrapps ( all closed caps)

    88 FXRP 80" hi po- 2/1 header 22 discs
    95 FLHTC 80" stock headers, 12 discs right, 7 or so left side
    09 FLHTC 96" stock no cat headers 15 right, 9 left


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