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    Looking for some help from over the pond here in the uk..I have a 120ci motor and i am runing a supermeg i have no idea on how many discs i should start with.i am running it open at mo but it's to nosiey for my location.i have justed got a closed end disc and have about 19 discs all together.anyone have any advice on where to start.

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    Start with what you have and add discs for more exhaust flow, if needed.

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    Ok ........

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    ...because the disc number affects torque or horsepower ( expressing this very generally)--- a more open pipe makes better power at 6000 rpm, a more closed pipe at 2500 rpm.

    so it is up to you to find the balance that works--- for the motor build ( cams, tuning etc.) weight, gearing and riding style.

    tuning would be very different for a bagger vs dyna due to the weight difference of 300 pounds or more--- then add in gearing.

    rising style, one might want more torque if riding in cities and twistie roads, more HP is on the wide open highway primarily.

    I tune for torque when home and add a few discs ( for HP) when touring the interstate highways ( I suppose that'd be Motorway to you)


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