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Thread: 2009 HD CVO - Fat shots set up for 110?

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    Wanderer Guest

    Default 2009 HD CVO - Fat shots set up for 110?

    I have a 2009 SEUC... The bike is running great as it is set up / tuned today. However, my wife is having issues with hearing and I am looking for a configuration to make it quieter without loosing any performance. Current Dyno stats approx 94.5 HP and 109.5 TQ with a strong TQ curve starting +100 TQ @ 2,000 RPM's.

    Current set up is as follows:

    - Stock 110CI Engine
    - SE Ventilator High Flow Air
    - V&H Power Duels (No Cat, 2:1:2 with Crossover)
    - V&H Monster Ovals
    - SERT
    - Professionally tuned (Awesome Tuner!!!), adjusted timing and closed loop for aggressive fuel mixture over 3,000 RPM's.
    - Next upgrade will be to a 58mm Throuttle Body & Heavy Breather & Retune. Until then I would like to swap out my Monster O's for the Fatshots without having to retune until spring when I have cash for the additional upgrades.

    A couple of questions:
    - I'm looking at the ST Fatshots (Closed end cap & 12 disks), or the HD version Fatshots (Open end Cap & 10 disks). Which configuration of the muffler will be better for my current and future set up?
    - What number of disks would you recommend to maintain or improve performance?
    - Should I run the same number of disks in left and right mufflers, if not how would you recommend setting this up?

    Thanks for your help & recommendations.

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    bschultz Guest


    The SuperTrapp FatShots and the SE FatShotZ are comparable and flow characteristics can be matched by the number of discs and choice of end-cap.

    The open end cap will provide MORE sound than the closed.
    Best performance should be found running 12-16 discs with the closed end-cap, 2-6 with the open end cap.
    The 2:1:2 configuration of the "power duals" should allow for an equal amount of discs (both sides).

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    Wanderer Guest


    Thanks for the information... Is there a difference between the way the SuperTrapp FatShots and the SE FatShotZ other than the number of disks and end cap configuration? Do they both have the same baffle / core? I have heard that the ST may be higher quality and more tune-able as they are built to a different spec? Wondering why In this case the SE's are actually less expensive, but I see that there is a performance upgrade kit available. Is the kit not needed to make the equal to the ST's? Guru, is there a customer service number I can reach you at to discuss live?
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    bschultz Guest


    Installed discs, end cap and logo are the only differences. Possibly Harley is trying to pass the savings on to their customers. SuperTrapp Customer Service can be reached Monday thru Friday (8-5 EDT) at 216-265-8400.

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    Wanderer Guest


    Thanks and thanks for the time on the phone yesterday. I put the ST Fatshots (12 disks and closed end caps) on the bike last night and got to ride a few miles this afternoon... Observations 1) looks nice 2) Sound is deep tone and definitely quieter than the Monster O's 3) Bike seems to have lost some get up and go not as much seat of the pants torque at 2,000 - 3,500 RPM's need to run 3,500 - 4,500 to feel a similar to before 4) Not as responsive when you are going down the road and get on the throttle sounds like it's boggy down 5) Some black suet appearing on the disc. Given the above should I try taking away or adding disc to the set up? Thanks again for your help, I'm looking forward to getting these dialed in.
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    bschultz Guest


    Try removing 2-3 discs and see if your performance improves.

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