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    Default O2 sensor angle

    I was wondering,since when we purchase a 2-1 system,it's to go with other engine mods...IE: wide band O2 sensors with new ECM or AFR gauge.
    Wide band O2 sensors are much bigger then stock narrow band,hence the fitment with the current bungs are very limiting.
    With the engine vibrations,we do get some rubbing and the ease of installation is not really there.

    When or how can this be addressed?? Will there be different angle bungs in the near future or can some conversion be purchased or supplied with the purchase of a new system or can it be retro fitted with a kit of some sort.

    I must say,I'm a happy customer,but this aspect of it, is quite a PITA.

    Yours truly


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    Hey Tripp,
    I know some of the sensors are a bit longer, but at this time we are not going to make any changes to existing product. We have to make it to work with the majority of the stuff out there, and that is not the longer O2 sensors. Conversely, they could be using a different sensor as well? But that is besides the point.
    On some of the newer 2012 bikes (softail/dyna) the sensor locations have changed and you will see a difference there with those applications.

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