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Thread: So I've got a set of 2003 H-D "Screamin' Eagle Pro race-use only slip-ons.

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    Default So I've got a set of 2003 H-D "Screamin' Eagle Pro race-use only slip-ons.

    P/N 65115-98b from the 2003 Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle parts catalog.

    I have loved these pipes on my '03 Road King Classic - installed them in '03. These are the 'race use only' models which take the end caps (mine are double-groove, not that it matters). There was also a Screamin' Eagle II performance muffler which I think were quieter (??), and, I believe are the same as the SuperTrapp SE slip-ons.

    At the time, the "performance" slip-ons didn't have the Screamin' Eagle embossing on the side. My "race use only" mufflers do, if that's a differentiator.

    I only recently learned you folks at SuperTrapp made these Screamin' Eagle mufflers. Thank you in advance for any help you might offer, based on my issue.

    While sitting at idle the other day I heard some rattling coming from the right-side muffler. The baffle is loose - rusted at the welds at the end. Are these mufflers in any way serviceable (replacement core??)?

    When I got them I also did the stage I intake and EFI download to match these specific pipes.

    Is there a ST or Kerker pipe that exactly matches my old ones? Or are they really like the "Screamin' Eagle II Performance Muffler?"

    If these pipes aren't serviceable/weld-able, and I can't find a set on eBay or something, how different is the backpressure with the ST SE's? I could at least use my existing end-caps. Will my existing download be alright, or will I need to take it to a dealer and have it re-flashed?

    Steve from MA
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