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Thread: SuperMeg disc recommendation needed

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    rel3rd Guest

    Question SuperMeg disc recommendation needed

    Bike is a 2000 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Classic
    Engine is 95" Zipper's "Muscle" kit, last dynoed at 97hp/101tq (with ThunderHeader)
    Ignition is Dynatek TC88 adjustable curve module.
    Carb is DaVinci modified S&S Super G, which seems to like it's 28 intermediate/78 main combo (.060" air bleed)

    With ThunderHeader the bike lacks nothing as far as all around power. Has good low end, good roll-on power and very nice WOT.
    No problems, hesitation or sluggishness revving right up to 6200 rpm's when asked to.

    The Problem: TOO LOUD, even with 2 or 4 tabs of the baffle folded over.

    Anyway, I have SuperMeg # 828-71572 on the way and am hoping that with some QUIET, I don't lose the good all around power I now have. Don't like the dyno, so just wondering what is the recommended number of discs for baseline?

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    bschultz Guest


    16-18 discs should be in the ball park.

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    rel3rd Guest


    Thanks. That's what I'll try to start.

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