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Thread: Identifying a pipe

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    FrankSmoot Guest

    Default Identifying a pipe

    Hi, I just bought a house and up in the rafters of the garage I found a brand-new-looking pipe, a 4:1 system (if I have the terminology right) with a number stamped on a welded bracket: 4MSL-41102.

    I have no use for it, but if I could figure out what I've got, it might help me find someone who would want it. Could you help?

    Thanks so much! Frank

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    bschultz Guest


    You have a system that is no longer manufactured (discontinued in '02). It is designed to fit an '84-87 Yamaha FJ1100/1200.

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    FrankSmoot Guest


    Thanks! Now I've just gotta find a Yamaha owner...

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    I don't suppose you still have that 4 in 1?

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