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Thread: Need help with baffle

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    Dadkids Guest

    Default Need help with baffle

    I have a 2011 cvo street glide, I am want more sound but not my ears ringing after a 2 hour ride.
    I am definitely going with Vance and Hines power duals, my dealer wants me to go with the mikuni baffles on my factory se mufflers, will that be obnoxiously loud, should he get me the k3 baffles better?
    Btw I love the look of the afterburner end cap on the muffler bodies.

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    bschultz Guest


    The Mikuni's are the loudest slip-on Kerker cores available. The K-3 has a nice bark when on the throttle; however relatively quiet at idle and nothing obnoxious at cruise.

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    Dadkids Guest


    Is it like my ears will be ringing for an hour after a two hour cruise or is it just loud?

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    bschultz Guest


    Hearing is an individaul perception; however I would not subject myself to the sound of a Mikuni core for a 2 hour cruise ... on purpose.

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