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Thread: Open Endcap 402-1020

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    riverbobtj Guest

    Default Open Endcap 402-1020

    I am looking at trying an open end cap(402-1020 ) . I am currently running the standard 20 disks. I have a 95" Ultra that has been tuned to this configuration. I am happy with the performance, but on occassion would like to have a little more volume. What would be the equivalent number of disks for this end cap (it appears more open than some of the other offerings). I think I would reduce to about 10 disks, but please verify.

    I would consider shifting to a little more top end hp, opposed to more low end torque.

    I would plan to swap back and forth, depending on where I was taking the bike. I.e. around own, open config, across country, closed end cap..

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    bschultz Guest


    10-12 discs is correct, remember to apply anti-seize to the screws each time you remove and/or install.

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    riverbobtj Guest


    What is the flow difference between:

    and how many discs are each equivalent to, compared to closed end cap?


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    bschultz Guest


    For practical purposes, ALL of the TrappCaps have the same flow rate (open surface area) as the stainless steel stamped "open" end cap. (4" units, 10-12 discs).

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