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Thread: End Cap screw won't come out

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    Weird Scenes Guest

    Unhappy End Cap screw won't come out

    One of the six socket head screws that secures the discs and end cap is just freely turning and will not come out. Is there a way to repair/replace the threaded part the screw is stuck in? ('82 CB900F Stainless 4 into 1 system) Most likely I will have to cut the head off of the screw so I can remove the discs/end cap to get at the problem area.

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    bschultz Guest


    Sounds like the tack welds, inside the core, let loose on the nut. The core assembley needs to be taken out of the muffler body and the nut (or a new nut) rewelded.

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    Weird Scenes Guest


    Thanks for the info!

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