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Thread: End caps or not?

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    Jroulett Guest

    Default End caps or not?

    Looking to maximize performance.
    I have a 2010 HD w/ 103 kit & HD Supertuner & Arlen Ness Big suker air cleaner. We installed HD Screaming Eagle Fatshotz 2 into 2 w/ 12 discs.
    My question is : will I gain anything if I put ends caps on the mufflers??I like more mid range torgue rather than top end.
    Suggestions? Thanks

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    bschultz Guest


    Swapping the "open" end cap to a "closed" end cap should provide more low-end; however reduce the sound level...or you could just reduce the number of discs (w/closed end cap), have the same performance results and keep some sound.

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    Jroulett Guest


    THanks...I like quiet but just so I have it straight: LESS rings on a closed end makes MORE noise?

    What are the #'s for the closed end caps?

    Will putting a closed end cap require reprogramming the Screaming Eagle Super Tuner?

    Thank You

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    bschultz Guest


    More discs, more flow, more sound
    Less discs, less flow, less sound

    P/N 406-3046...closed end cap

    or you may want to look at the "Fat ShotZ" tune kit
    P/N 404-7881

    You can order these items at the store at our website.

    reprogramming should not be needed.
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