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Thread: How to remove baffle from phantom pipe

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    screamin08 Guest

    Default How to remove baffle from phantom pipe

    Hello there, I recently bought and installed your Paul yaffe phantom pipe for my 08 SERK 110 cubic inch . it says on your website it has a removable baffle. Are they the screws I see on the end of the pipe and if so, what do I do after that? Thank the pipe by the way !!

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    bschultz Guest


    Yes, the 3 screws holding on the end-cap also hold the baffle in. Pull the screws, pop off the end cap and the core/baffle should pull right out.

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    janewalker123 Guest


    well firstly check all screw then go for the wrong one..pull it up. take off the cap and do what you want to.

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