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Thread: V Rod sound level and tuning question.

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    GNO L Guest

    Default V Rod sound level and tuning question.

    Recently bought 07 V Rod with slip - ons. 12 disc and regular end cap. I wear a full face helmet and the sound level for me is deafening. Earplugs help, but on an hour or so ride it gets real old. I took the end caps off, and that helped a little . . . by letting the sound project out to the rear of the bike instead of directing it through the disc and toward my head. Before I go to the trouble and expense of another type of pipe, I m wondering if there is some way to improve on the current setup. Different end caps? Baffleing ? Whatever ?

    GNO L

    PS Also wondering how long I can run without the end caps without remapping the A/F module without fear of damaging the engine ?

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    bschultz Guest


    Were the discs on the right way? The lip of the discs should follow the contour of the end-cap directing the exhaust flow towards the rear.
    On a stock machine we would normally recommend 8-10 discs with the closed end cap. Another option would be to run an open end cap without any discs.
    You may want to browse through the FAQ's at the website.

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