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Thread: How To Repack A SuperTrapp Exhaust

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    Default How To Repack A SuperTrapp Exhaust

    All SuperTrapp fiberglass-packed and pillow-packed mufflers can be easily re-packed saving you time and maintenance. This video gives you a step-by-step on how to remove the core assembly, unwrap and re-pack the core and insert the newly re-packed core back into the muffler.

    Adding & Subtracting Discs Video:

    Closed End Cap vs. Open End Cap Video:

    Tunable Disc Technology Page:

    V-Twin Exhausts Product Page:

    Metric Bike Exhausts Product Page:

    Dirt Bike Exhausts Product Page:

    ATV Exhausts Product Page:

    Automotive Exhausts Product Page:

    Universal Exhausts Product Page:

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