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Thread: Supertrapp Stouts

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    I had the Supertrapp 4" Stout mufflers installed on my 2012 RGU this weekend and so far I am extremely pleased with the results. The project is not quite complete as I am still waiting for the SE Ventilator air cleaner kit to arrive at the dealership. I have received quite a few comments from other bikers on how good the Stouts look and sound on the RGU.

    The deep mellow tone is great, and I had no trouble hearing the stereo at the same volume setting used with the stock mufflers. I wear a full face helmet and earplugs all the time and noticed no resonance that sometimes occurs when riding bikes with other "louder" aftermarket mufflers. Definitely a thumbs up for the Stouts.!
    I would have to agree with J Wells here. I would definitely advise you to go for KN as it is the true and tried when it comes to filters.

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    Thumbs up

    I have installed the supertrapp stouts 4" (2010-2012 model, not Kerker) on my 2010 Road King Classic just last month, apart from that the bike is totally stock (96" motor, stock header pipes with CAT still in place, Stock FI settings, Stock Air Filter etc). So far I am very pleased with both performance, looks and sound. they are a very well finished pipe, they have a great deep, throaty note without being loud, and there is pulling power that just did not exist before, I really couldn't believe that much difference would be made by changing the pipes alone.

    I have to say that, in my opinion, they are perfect for an FL model that you actually intend to use for touring, especially when riding 2-up and want to talk to your passenger. Even after a full day in the saddle, there is no sign of any ringing of the ears etc. In saying that, you could still always hear the deep rubble of the pipes, even at motorway speeds without the windshield, where wind noise etc is all coming into play.

    Regarding the Air Filter, is it true that this can be replaced to a high flow unit (for example, the K&N as mentioned above) without the need for a re-map or additional fuel management unit? I just have heard the horror stories of overheating etc from running too lean due to changing pipes and filter without touching the fueling side of things.

    Since there has been such an improvement with changing the pipes alone, will there be any improvement in performance with changing the filter anyway?

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    The freer flowing filter won't hurt and the "closed loop" FI should take care of the A/F ratio.

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