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    Default Phantom Bagger Pipe

    Thinking about buying a 2-1 Phantom pipe for my 2008 Street Glide. I've had many opinions on this pipe and they are most saying this pipe is for all show. I have a 103 w/ 10.5 cr, ported and polished heads w/ larger valves, and Red Shift 577 cams. I'm looking for a well performing pipe that exits before or under my stretched bags (I have no cutouts in my bags)

    Please clarify, post a dyno sheet, I'm sure you should have plenty of info.

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    bschultz Guest


    The original Phantom pipe was designed by Paul Yaffe for a "Custom" bike build. It was not developed as a "performance" pipe and we do NOT boast of performance gains with the installation of the Phantom.
    We have seen some decent numbers in magazine articles and have received feedback from builders using the Phantom on some BIG bore (117"+) extreme builds; however it takes a LARGE volume air pump to take advantage of it's 2.0" primaries dumping into a 3.75" collector.

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