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    harloff Guest

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    I have a '11 CVO Road Glide Ultra with Supertrapp 2:2 True Duals 62-3386 and megaphones 728-78054. When I got the bike back from the shop it had opened-end caps & 18 disc. The bike had no bottom end, so installed closed-end caps.

    It runs better on the bottom, but still lacks power below 4000rpm.

    What is a resonable number of disc with closed-end caps and with open-end caps, to start working from?

    I don't want to restrict it to much and do harm.

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    bschultz Guest


    You can either start removing discs 2-3 at a time until the bottom end improves. Or, start out with 10 discs (per side w/closed end cap) and add until you have a good balance of top end power and low end torque.

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    harloff Guest


    The disc are dark with carbon, is this a tuning problem?

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    bschultz Guest


    Ther is a direct correlation between disc color and plug burn. Dark and sooty would indicate a rich running condition.

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