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Thread: Need to ID ST pipe and packing question

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    tenderoni_tony Guest

    Default Need to ID ST pipe and packing question

    I have a 89 Honda Hawk NT650 with a Supertrapp pipe on it. It looks very much like a Megaphone series, and the only markings are on the clamp: Five Star MFG Cresthill, IL 200 63.

    The Find_My area of the ST website is fairly useless to get any info on this pipe.

    My question is, does this pipe need to be packed and/or repacked? I took off the cap and diffuser discs but couldn't get the silencer out of the pipe, is that the trick of putting the cap back on finger tight and knocking the insides out with a dowel? Will I find the packing inside the silencer?

    A little help would be nice.



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    tenderoni_tony Guest


    Actually, it's probably an S/C Elite. I'll measure the length tonight and post.

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    bschultz Guest


    The answer to all your questions is yes.
    We did offer a SuperLight Stainless Series application for the NT650, if it is the S/C Series it is most likely a Universal.

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    tenderoni_tony Guest


    Thanks for your help bschultz. Next question, in reassembling the pipe, what am I doing wrong here? The end shield is not meeting the body of the pipe, but the internal (porcelain?) heat shield is aligned with the assembly screw on the back side of this shot. How do I get the heat shield to drop into the pipe far enough that the end piece will meet the body of the pipe? D-oh!

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    bschultz Guest


    Looks like the core assembly is not far enough into the muffler body. The back of the core should be slightly recessed into the body.

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