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    I recently bought an 84 fj1100 and it has a supertrapp exhaust on it. The only part number I can find on it is 027-2837 stamped on the mounting bracket. It looks like the universal racing series one but the part numbers are different it is 13 inches long with 2.5 inch diameter. I'm just wondering if that is in fact the type I have and what repacking material I should get.


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    The muffler body part number (027-2837) belongs to slip-ons developed for the '84-88, FJ1100/1200 (P/N 723-41102) which are no longer manufactured, discontinued in '02. Fiberglass packing for the mufflers can be purchased under P/N 400-4020, Repack Kit 4" at website store. You will need 1 per muffler.

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    Default 84 fj1100

    Thanks for the info !!

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